ito Luggage Shop

Designer: Greyoffice   Year: 2018   Location: Shanghai   Area: 30 sqm

Greyoffice is commissioned by the award-winning Chinese lifestyle brand ito to design their up coming three retail stores in Chinese major cities.

Greyoffice came up with a flexible system with typical details and material palate that adapt into different site conditions. The shop is wrapped with acrylic tubes, which is very flexible in forming spatial boundaries: one in between two shops, one standing in the middle of a shopping mall courtyard, one at the corner with a curved façade. The acrylic tubes also create different degrees of transparency and reflection of the luggage case. are placed into slots that are lit up at both the top and the bottom.

Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and white terrazzo create a simple and greyish background so that the colors of the products stand out and become the focus in the space. The reception counter are made of stainless steel tubes that are in the same diameter to the acrylic tubes, echoing the texture on the luggage case.

Since the shops have limited space, a continuous rack organizes the shelving system along the wall made of acrylic tubes, which pushes the product display on the edge of the space and leave the central space easier for circulating customers. In order to create different angles for display, the continuous rack will turn 45 degrees in some places.