Designer: Greyoffice   Year: 2018   Location: Hangzhou   Area: 100 sqm

Commissioned by Chinese brand JNBYHOME, this project aims at creating a new type of lifestyle retail by utilizing the layout of a 16th century house. Inspired by Robin Evan's criticism on modern domestic space, Greyoffice seeks a more interactive domestic space by converting a conventional modern apartment layout into  four sequential chambers.

In Robin Evans essay "Figure, Doors and Passage", he concludes that the layout of living space possibly results in the relationship and activities between human figures within the domestic space. The modern layout of domestic space is organized through the pages, which separates individuals. 

In order to challenge the modern convention, the design reconfigures a typical apartment unit where rooms are connected through corridors and transforms it into four sequential chambers: the foyer, the living room, the walk-in closet, and the bedroom. As four rooms are all visually connected, it encourages the interactions of people within the "apartment".

With white plaster for the upper wall, white venetian paint for the lower wall and white terrazzo for the fixed furniture, the entire space is comprised of different textures of "whites". The subtle difference between materials enriches the warmth of the space while keeping a holistic mood of simplicity and order. Three aligned door frames painted in blue features the space with four sequential chambers. In each chamber, the wall is wrapped with customized built-in furniture made of terrazzo panels which serve as sittings, counter and display shelves. The additional metal shelf system allows the shelves to be placed or removed from the wall. Since the shelving system is flexible, the entire interior space is easily converted from a retails space into a gallery or a more intimate domestic space for casual events.