Ms Min Shop

Designer: Greyoffice   Year: 2018   Location: Xiamen   Area: 100 sqm   Status: Concept

As Ms Min's new retail concept, a systematic design that combines the west and the east is required. The design intention is to withdraw the inspiration from the Chinese garden, where the scenes are framed, and architecture is treated as a device that monitors the view and focal point. Greyoffice comes up with a L-shape module cladded with white washed brick that can be aggregated to form spaces in different sizes for adapting into various given sites. For each retail, there is a central court, where customers are gathered and receive services. The framed spaces are scattered around the central court. Each space composed by the L-shape module echoes the framing concept in a Chinese garden, where brand’s products become the feature and highlight within the entire space. Brass details are also inserted into the joints of different modules, which functions as the racks and shelves.