T-B-H Furniture Store

Designer: Greyoffice   Year: 2018   Location: Shanghai   Area: 300 sqm

Greyoffice collaborates with Chinese lifestyle brand The Beast and designs a new concept store for its new label T-B-H targeting on millennial customers. Greyoffice seeks a vibrant and flexible shop space using banal and economic industrial materials. The store takes a concept of making a mini Ikea space decorated with 60s’ retro color palette. With a distinctive egg shell color space for the entrance and a vast white market space, the store features the fusion of industrial materials, eye-catching color combination and flexible merchandizing.

Upon arriving at the store, the customer experiences a compressed foyer space cladded with corrugated metal sheets painted in egg shell color. There is a wood stripe going through at the half height of the wall detailed for replaceable campaign display. Several volumes covered with colorful square tiles are inserted into the entrance space for functional purposes such as the register counter, the pop-up installation and display stand.

After going through the foyer is an expanded 3.5-meter-high market space with white corrugated metal sheets on the wall, and white terrazzo on the floor. To continue the retro hint in the market space, colorful square tiles are also inserted into the floor. The pristine central white market space that goes with any color and shelving systems serves as a neutral base for the ever-evolving product line of the brand. Five furniture display cubes are framed in reddish wood around the central market. The cube space can be decorated seasonally as the small scenes in a typical Ikea store.