Yinyue Club


Designer: Greyoffice     Type: Hospitality     Year: 2018     Location: Chengdu    

Area: 1000 sqm     Status: Concept

Greyoffice is invited to design a country club that hosts private events located at the outskirt of Chengdu metropolitan. As the site is on a sloped tea terrace, and is surrounded by breath-taking mountain range, grey-office withdraw the inspiration from the Chinese tea tradition and conceptualizes a club space that meets the ritual of Chinese tea culture – the duality of social gathering and individual solitary. Four cylindrical buildings, each has different types of courtyards, are interconnected to accommodate different functions varying from public to private. As the user meandering the interior, the one will get both the gathering experience in the courtyards and the chance to appreciate the tranquility with nature by the panoramic window side.